Rach Goes 0625

[Scene: Rach's house. Rach enters the living room to see her husband watching an NHK English-conversation TV program.]
(Attention: Rach is not Rachel Karen Green, but an author of this blog. Sorry. In the following conversation, they are talking with each other in Japanese, strickly speaking, in Osaka dialect. Sorry again.)

RACH: Wow! YOU are watching the English-language TV program! It's so weird.
RACH'S HUSBAND: Yeah, isn't it? Hey Rach, what does the English word 'went' mean?
RACH: What are you talking about, honey? 'Went' is the past tense of the verb 'go'. GO-WENT-GONE, see? Any of that trigger anything?
HUSBAND: Mmmm... I know the words 'want' and 'would'. But I don't remember the word 'went'. I guess I totally forgot. Because I haven't used English at all after graduation.
RACH: That's not the problem. It's so strange that you know 'would' without knowing 'went.' 'Went' is more basic word than 'would'. We learned the word when we were in junior high. How could you forget it. It's elementary, my dear Husband!
HUSBAND: Don't be so mad, sweetie. That can't be helped. In any case, I have no chance to use English. Can we drop this? Whatever.

Please let me get this straight with you.
My husband doesn't know the English word 'went', and even more surprising, he doesn't care about at all the fact that he doesn't know such a basic word.
Yes, this is my husband, everybody!
As I said before on my previous article in English, my husband is not interested in English at all.

However, here, I must say there's SOME sense in what he said.

He works for a domestic company, or rather, a local company which I worked for about a decade ago. There's little possibility that he will get transfered to foreign countries. That's good for him, for me, and for my family. Because we don't have to worry about moving house and my children don't have to feel anxious about changing schools. Yes, I know. However, as a result, I will have to stay here in Osaka for the rest of my life, that is, to the death!?

If I am permitted to be brutally honest here, deep down in my heart, I have a teeny tiny dream of living abroad with my family before my husband's retirement from his company. This is not for my family, but just for me, just for my study of English. How selfish and egoistic!
Oh, please don't point out the fact that all of the people in the world don't necessarily use English as their national or officical lauguage.
I'm aware of that, of course. But I still believe I would have more chance to speak English if I lived abroad.

The point is he didn't, doesn't and won't need to use English in his situation. Therefore, he doesn't have to study English. Do you think his reason is quite convincing?

I study English because I love English. He doesn't study English because he is not interested in English and doesn't need English for his work. This is so simple and natural, right?

He doesn't or can't speak English. I don't care at all.
He doesn't intend to study English. It doesn't matter to me.
He is not interested in English at all. Mmmm... To tell you the truth, I wish he had a little interest in English itself.
I'd muttered to myself within my mind, "Why are you not interested in stuff I really care about?"

However, it is so hard to persuade him to study English. Rach, who is really interested in English, cannot force her own husband to learn English. So do you understand how hard to encourage others to study English?

By the way, is there anyone who thinks I tried to make fun of my own husband?
Don't get me wrong! I have no intention of hurting my husband's pride. I don't look down on him at all.
I'm really proud of my husband. I respect him. I am always grateful to him. And... it's hard to say here in public, I really love him!

You know what? Ironically, he will never know this passionate confession on this article BECAUSE he is not interested in English!
Where are you? What are you doing right now, honey? I'm sure it wouldn't kill you to read my English article once in a while.

He always enjoys that kind of conversation I mentioned in the beginning of this article. He always says something funny or incomprehensible, and I always point out his inconsistencies.
I was really shocked that he didn't know the basic word 'went' the other day. Then I asked him if I could write about this anecdote on my blog.
He was so pleased to hear that and said, "Sure. Go ahead!" That is to say, he gave me the green light.
That's why I wrote this topic right here, right now.
I don't know why, but he seems to be proud that he is not interested in English. I wonder if he might try to go against current trends. He is still mysterious to me although we've been married for nine years.
Well, I'm sure men and women will never fully understand each other...
Oh, I have to get back on the right track.
My point is I don't either betray him or talk against him behind his back. Now, did I succeed in clearing up your misunderstanding?

Still, I have a dream.
In the future, I will say in English, "I really love you, honey."
And my husband will replay also in English, "Me, too, Rach! I will love you till death do us part."

Oh, This dream will NEVER come true UNLESS he changes his job and gets transferred abroad!

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Posted by tkshmy at 2006年06月25日 08:32
Nice try, Rach, nice try!
So far my favorite. Words-from-your-heart expressions made your idea clearer and arguement more articulate. I can tell this time you tried to keep it simple so that anyone can read with no pain.
Good Job!
Posted by fdj at 2006年06月25日 09:48
最初の会話部分はまさにSituation Commedyのようで笑えました。関西人+sit com達人の面目躍如といったところですね。またときどきこういうfamily sit comを公開して下さいませ。

"I really love him!"のところでほろりとしました。だんな様は幸せですね。

Posted by YN at 2006年06月25日 10:49




実は前回の5月のRach goes・・・のときも感動したのですが、今回は




Posted by みりぃ at 2006年06月25日 18:19
I’ve been wondering. What’d have happened to my English if I’d been living in an English speaking country for a while? What’ll happen if I live in there even for a year? The chances are rather slim, though.
First, the reason my husband chose his company was that he considered they’d be unlikely to transfer him outside Kinki district let alone to another country. He loves here in Kansai.
Second, I found he’d never be able to live abroad. We went to UK last year for a week, when I realized he was turning sour day by day because of English (he sometimes reads English at work but can neither speak nor hear) and food. He’s rarely in a bad mood. He’s almost always a happy guy and really easy to be with.
What I want to say is… I think I know what you feel, Rach!
Posted by Mayumi.K at 2006年06月26日 01:23
いくら前後関係があるとはいえ、can neither speak nor hear(上の私のコメント) はアカンわ〜
Posted by Mayumi.K at 2006年06月26日 06:36
お久しぶりです! この英語記事を読んで下さったなんて・・・とても嬉しいです。ありがとうございます。


Posted by Rach at 2006年06月26日 10:05
Dear fdj
Your encouragement always peps me up! Thanks a lot.

Did you say, "So far my favorite"? What a coincidence! This article is my favorite, too.
I'm afraid that I will hear you say in the future, "So far my favorite is STILL Rach Goes 0625."

To keep it simple is more difficult than it looks, you know.
Well, what should I write about on the next article? It's so hard for me to find interesting topics...
Posted by Rach at 2006年06月26日 10:10
ああいう風に、a term of endearment (親愛語)を語尾につけた会話をしたり、英語で口喧嘩するのが夢なんですよ(←変なヤツ・・・笑)。我が家では一生見られない光景だと思いますが・・・。

今回の記事、プリントアウトして、その部分にマーカーでも塗って机の上に置いておきましょうかねぇ? まぁ、私の気持ちはわかってくれてると思うけど・・・(まだ、ノロケは続いていたのかっ!?)
Posted by Rach at 2006年06月26日 10:36


前回の英文記事も読んで下さっていたんですね。ありがとうございます。この事件そのものは2ヶ月ほど前の話なんですが、ネタを温存していました(笑)。今でも何か言われるたびに「went を知らんくせにっ!」と言って返してやります。ははは。(私って悪い妻?)
さらに声も聞かれてしまっていたとはっ! お恥ずかしい・・・。

Posted by Rach at 2006年06月26日 10:43
Dear Mayumi.K
Thank you for your English comment! I am so glad to know you TOTALLY understand my feelings!
It seems your situation is so similiar to mine. Your husband works for a company which covers only the Kinki district, right?
Although it sounds paradoxical, I have to admit that I really love it here in Kansai, too!
My husband also has a cheerful personality and he looked happy even in Europe on our honeymoon. (Wow! I have no intention of being competitive with you! I'm so sure you must be a good match.)

hear の後ろに目的語の English が必要ってことかな? そうじゃないと、speak と hear の能力がない人って意味になっちゃうってことかなぁ?(←自信なさげ・・・笑)

それと変なこと心配しちゃいますけど、夜中と朝早くのコメント、睡眠時間は大丈夫ですかっ!? 睡眠不足は美容の大敵よ、私たちのお年頃は特に。(笑)
Posted by Rach at 2006年06月26日 10:53
I'm able to understand about your feelings because my husband isn't interested in English, too. I'll have to help his work anytime soon, so it gets impossible for me to study English as usual. My husband wants, in his heart, me to help his work any minute now. This is unfortunate reality for me....

Posted by KIKKA at 2006年06月26日 12:53
I'm so happy because a lot of people, including you, understand my feelings. It was worth my while to write this article.

By the way, will you have to help your husband's work in the near future? I guess you'll get much busier than you are and it will be much harder to find your own study time for English. It is the most difficult thing for us to find our own free time, isn't it?
I think we should keep going at our own pace, steadily and peacefully. And I strongly recommend you should relax and take a rest when you feel a little tired. Oh, this message is also for myself. (LOL)

Posted by Rach at 2006年06月27日 11:40

私事で恐縮なんですが(笑) 私も昔はパートナーは英語に興味のある人
Posted by やっちん at 2013年06月11日 22:01


Posted by Rach at 2013年06月12日 17:56
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