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Rach In Wonderland

Does this remind you of 'Alice In Wonderland'? What a coincidence! I've just remembered the same story.
You can imagine a little girl named Rach wearing a cute 'Alice apron dress'...
Hey, what are you giggling about, you guys? I don't see anything funny in this image, though...
Well, I surely admit that I sometimes forget how old I am while writing articles on my blog.

'Rach In Wonderland' means 'Rach in the Internet'.
Right now, I am living in the real world. At the same time, Rach is living in this blogosphere.
For Rach, this virtual-reality world is her own REAL world. Rach could not live without this Internet society.

As I said before, I have no need to learn English in my current situation. My husband is not interested in English. So I have no companion to talk with in English.

I guess you might think, "Oh, Rach. I'm so sorry for you. You are in a predicament. You can't talk with someone in English anytime you like. Your home environment is tough, harsh, and often disastrous for studying English. You look so pathetic!"
Oh, don't worry about it. I don't need sympathy. Do you want to know the reason? Because I have my own English world on the web.
In my English world, I have tons of friends who talk with me about English-related stuff and teach me a lot of useful information.
Anytime I need a friend, he or she will be here. What a wonderful world it is!
When I find a comment from one of my web-friends, I feel I can actually hear the theme song of Friends, 'I'll be there for you' by Rembrandts. (Don't say, "It's only your imagination.")

Whenever I put up a question, someone shows his or her idea. With others' hints or suggestions, I can sometimes get to the answer.
Despite lengthy discussion, some problems remain unsolved, of course. Does this mean all our efforts are fruitless? No, no. You learn a lot of things about English through passionate argument.
You have to search grammatical matters in grammar books or to check practical examples of words or phrases on Google (or I can use the word 'google' as a verb, like 'to google practical examples...') in order to approach problems logically or to defend yourself against objection.
To me, this process itself is study of English.

Come to think about it, we live in a world of convenience, don't we? We can acquire vast information through the Internet.
Needless to say, you have to remember the fact that some information on the Internet is wrong, so you should be careful dealing with acquired information.
However, you can come across useful information without taking much time out of your day. It's like 'in the blink of an eye', RIGHT?

Furthermore, 'Rach In Wonderland' also means 'Rach in the modern technological world'.
Here I have to thank people who invented DVDs.
I owe it to DVDs that I can now use English 'to some extent'. While watching DVDs, I feel as if I lived in the U.S., although I actually sit in front of TV in my living room in Osaka, Japan. Isn't it great?
You can listen to the the same lines or a series of conversation on DVD over and over again. If you talk with a REAL person in English, you won't be able to ask him or her, "I beg your parden?" so many times, right?

I think machines are so obedient to human beings and so patient with unreasonable request.
Oh, I just remembered Issac Asimov's 'Three Laws of Robotics', which says "A robot must obey the orders given to it by the human beings..."

Plus, I can confirm actors' lines in the drama by checking subtitiles on DVD. Even if I lived in the U.S., I couldn't find any subtitles around native English speakers when they speak English. Do you think it is possible to ask someone, "Would you write down every single word you have just said to me?" Even if you have guts to say so, you might be punched or...
Be careful!

I must say that it is so important for you to know precisely what they speak in English. I think random guesses won't improve your English at least when you start to study English. You need the right answer in the first stage. That's why so many people who have studied English for several years recommend using scripts, RIGHT?
In the real conversation, you have to make a guess at what they are talking about. What do you think is the best way to acquire ability to guess like that? AT FIRST, you have to check the sentences word by word that you are hearing at the moment, using DVD's subtitles or scripts. This kind of steady effort will make your English much better in the long run.

Without DVDs, my PC, and the Internet, I couldn't have read, written or listened to English as well as I do now. Without those information technology devices, Rach would not even exist right now. In other words, in the 21st century, I can be Rach. I have to thank my fortune to be born in the late 1900's and to live in the early 2000's.
Here's to modern technology. Cheers!

In conclusion, Rach is so happy in her wonderland, where she can talk with her friends about English-related stuff and chat on various topics in English, and can study English using a lot of imformation and amazing services or devices.

By the way...
Let's imagine that I 'Rach' live in the 22nd or 23rd century. I wonder if I would have difficulty learning English in the future. Maybe future people won't have to study English at all because sophisticated universal translators are available then...
I might watch too much science-fiction shows on TV. But isn't it exciting to just imagine such a world with a lot of state-of-the-art technology?
I am always a dreamer, or rather, a dreamy girl.
Yes, I am 'Rach In Wonderland'.

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'Rach In Wonderland' means 'Rach in the Internet' and 'Rach in the modern technological world'、、いい言葉ですね。



*ちなみにちょうど"The Google Story"を読み終えたのですが、そこにも"Google"は英語だけでなく、多くの主要言語で既に動詞となっていると書いてありました。日本語では"guguru"って書いてありました。"r"だ。。。。
Posted by YN at 2006年07月15日 09:12




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Posted by シュウ at 2006年07月15日 12:24
I’d never been interested in a blog thing at all until I started my own podcast. I’d never heard about a person who was doing his or her own blog around me or had any idea what A blogger was doing on it.

Tada! It’s a new wonderland! (Let me share it pretty please, Rach.) I was so excited when I bought the first computer. Still a computer was becoming just a convenient business tool. Now the excitement comes back again to me and this convenience and a vast amount of information are killing me as well this time. I HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE or two, or seven or eight or maybe more. That’s what it is all about.

English, cyber space, life(lol), they are deep. I can enjoy for good.

Anyway, thank YOU for this chance and relationships, and your blog.
Posted by Mayumi.K at 2006年07月15日 17:04
Dear YN


The Google Story を読まれたんですね。偶然!(笑)。Google はネットをやっている人間には必要不可欠なツールですものね。YNさんの記事を読ませていただいてとても勉強になりました。後でそちらにお邪魔して、一言残して帰りますので(笑)。
英語で guguru って書かれると、Google という単語との類似性がよくわかんないなぁ。見た感じだと、guru「教祖、グル」のイメージが浮かんでしまうぞ・・・(笑)。たまたま日本語の動詞が「る」で終わるから、この「ググる」という言葉がしっくり来るんですよね。私はひらがなで「ぐぐる」と書くのが好きです・・・「ぐるぐる」みたいで・・・(←意味不明)
Posted by Rach at 2006年07月16日 14:22

Posted by Rach at 2006年07月16日 14:36
Dear Mayumi.K

I'd never been interested in communicating with strangers on the Internet until I started my own blog, either. To tell you the truth, I was a little frightened at the Internet and at relationships with anonymous people.

However... Tada! (← I like this interjection, too!)
Yes, it is definitely a wonderful wonderland! I know there are too much information to choose, but we are happy because people in the past had no choice but to accept one piece of limited or distorted information.

I think it is so hard and difficult to keep a good relationship with people on the web. But I think this kind of relationship is very important to me. Without my blog, I couldn't have met you guys, right? I deeply appreciate what the modern technology have given to me. I also appreciate your kind words and cordial support, Mayumi!
Posted by Rach at 2006年07月16日 14:46


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